Imagine a class full of giggles, wiggles, and a whole lot of musical fun! A class that you and your young child can share! Come prepared to sing, chant, move, and play instruments!

In Music Together Mixed Ages® classes for children ages 0-5 and their families, everyone learns and experiences the joy of music making:

  • Babies learn by listening, watching, and exploring

  • Toddlers learn by observing, playing, and experimenting

  • Preschoolers learn by becoming role models and leaders

  • Parents learn how to support their child's music development!

Our classes help to bring music into every facet of your life by providing a quality early childhood music and movement curriculum grounded in extensive research. The Music Together® curriculum is not only designed to teach your child to become musically competent (to able to sign in tune and move with accurate rhythm) but to develop the whole child in a fun, playful, developmentally appropriate musical environment. Our classes offer flexible and experimental learning models to ensure all voices are included in an inherently enjoyable and fun environment!


This is the most beneficial class we have enrolled in for our daughter. She has advanced leaps and bounds with her understanding of music. She has learned many other great skills along the way including patience. This class is 100% encouraging kids to be kids and to explore and grow. The instructors are fantastic!

Each family that registers for a class will receive:

  • A Parent Guide book;

  • A growth chart to help understand your child's musical development;

  • One professionally recorded CD;

  • An illustrated songbook of that semester's music;

  • Access to "Family Music Zone" area on the Music Together® website which contains digital downloads of songs to your phone, extra activities and ideas to incorporate the music at home, fun videos, and information about your child's musical development from the experts;

  • Quarterly Music Together® family newsletters.

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