Great Big Stars Sensory Bottle

Our summer classes are well underway and I really love the lullaby! Great Big Stars is one of my favorite Music Together lullaby's for the summer, because what sweeter moment is there, than star gazing with your little ones? You really feel in awe of our planet as you sit and stare at the amazing creation in front of you! BUT...summer nights also tend to be late! So, why don't we bring those stars inside, but still keep the magic? Thus...the Great Big Stars Sensory bottle! We made them this week in our Music and Art class, and the kids had a blast! It's a relatively easy craft to make with your kids, but can get messy with all the glitter, so make sure to put down paper or a table cloth for easy clean up! How cool is this? Can't you just hear the song in your head?

So, here's what you need to make one of these at home.


Clear, plastic bottle

Glitter glue (I like Elmer's Glitter Glue best)

Fine and course glitter

Star confetti (I got mine at Michaels, but you can also get some on Amazon)

Funnel (Optional)

Warm and cool water

Duct tape and Super Glue (optional, but highly recommended!)


First thing you need to do is prep your bottle. Make sure you clean out your bottle well so no mold grows on it over time. Also, remove any sticky reside from labels from the outside (have you seen the peanut butter method?!?!).

Next, fill your bottle with glitter glue. The color doesn't matter that much. The more glitter glue you use, the more the glitter particles will suspend in the bottle.

Next, add warm water and shake it up so the glitter glue dissolves. You can use cooler water, but the warm water helps the glue dissolve faster. When you're done, it should look something like this:

Next, you add glitter :-) This is where it gets fun! It helps to use a funnel, so there's less mess. Add as much, or as little of the glitter as you'd like. You can use any kind or color of glitter (kids LOVE this part!).

Add in the star confetti. Again, the more stars you add, the cooler the effect when singing Great Big Stars together.

Fill up the rest of the bottle with cool water, and shake it up! I usually super glue and duct tape ours shut so that there are no fun surprises after my kids have played with them. Aren't they beautiful? We've incorporated them into our nighttime routine and they have really helped calm my little boys down for bed! Not to mention the joy and delight of those precious moments snuggled on the bed, singing together in sweet harmony!

Happy Singing!